Politics & Other Mistakes: An inconsistent state of mind

Daily Bulldog In Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, it appears a lot of people cast ballots for both Republican Donald Trump for president – and Democrat Jared Golden for Congress. In the state’s 1st District, plenty of voters seem to have backed Democrat Joe Biden for prez – and also the GOP’s Susan Collins for U.S. Senate. Apparently, these folks didn’t get the memo that said Americans are so polarized this year that they can’t tolerate anybody who holds even slightly different political views. Contrary to what the experts told us, Mainers continued their hallowed tradition of randomly splitting their tickets for no apparent reason. Continue reading

LISTEN: WVOM interview w/ Sandi Howard, No CMP Corridor

Click HERE to learn more about our new referendum and other updates on our fight against the CMP Corridor.  

LTE: Reducing demand key to green power transition

Portland Press Herald To fight climate change, Americans should focus on using less energy, not just switching to green energy, a reader says. The question should be raised every time supporters of the CMP Corridor or any future for-profit energy delivery scheme echo the phrase “we need the electricity”: Who are the “we” and what is the “need”? Continue reading

11.8 NEWSLETTER - 23,000 Signatures in One Day!

This week, despite the freezing cold temperatures and brutal wind, our grassroots army showed up in force on Election Day, collecting a whopping 23,000 signatures from Caribou to Kittery at more than 120 polling locations in 15 counties! This was truly an amazing feat considering we had only three days to print, sort and distribute the petitions and our packets to nearly 200 volunteers. Continue reading

WATCH: Last major permit moves CMP line closer to construction

Click here to watch on WCSH6 BATH, Maine — Construction for the controversial CMP Transmission Line corridor could start next month. That word comes Thursday from the leader of the project for Avangrid, CMP’s parent company. Continue reading

LTE: Say NO to NECEC says that the CMP corridor is not a done deal

Daily Bulldog With yesterday's announcement of the Army Corps permit being granted for the CMP corridor, people have been asking if it's final now. NO, IT'S NOT A DONE DEAL - and here's why:1). Army Corps permit is under Federal appeal by Sierra Club and NRCM because they only conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA), instead of a thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) like in NH and VT.2). The Department of Energy (Presidential Permit) has not yet been granted.3). We, and our intervenor partners, are engaged in an appeal at the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.4). There is a lawsuit challenging the legality of the public lands lease that CMP illegally obtained without the 2/3 approval of the Maine Legislature.5). CMP has not obtained dozens of municipal permits. Four towns have ordinances against this project.6). WE have this referendum effort to complete, which has retroactive clauses so if CMP decides to start work on the corridor, that would be a huge financial risk for their shareholders. It's up to us to bust this signature drive into full gear! We got 23,000 signatures on Election Day but we need to keep up this momentum. Continue reading

WATCH: CMP corridor wins Army Corps approval; construction to start as early as December

WGME 13 PORTLAND (WGME) -- Central Maine Power’s controversial corridor got a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers this week, which leaders say will allow construction to start as early as next month. Continue reading

Opponents of CMP corridor gather referendum signatures in Belfast, Lincolnville, Rockland

Penobscot Bay Pilot No CMP Corridor, a grassroots advocacy PAC, sent out dozens of volunteers on Election Day, November 3, statewide to collect a new round of signatures to block the Central Maine Power’s (CMP) New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) proposal to build a 145-mile transmission line from the Québec-Maine border to Lewiston. During the day, volunteers posted updates on the Say NO to NECEC 501c3 non-profit Facebook group. Continue reading

Central Maine Power energy corridor project nearly ready to begin

Portland Press Herald A renewable energy project that will be built by Avangrid, Inc. and Central Maine Power Company to bring hydropower from Quebec to Maine and other parts of New England has received one of the last permits it needs before construction can begin. In a news release issued Wednesday, Avangrid announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has granted its approval for the New England Clean Energy Connect Clean Energy Corridor. Issuance of a Presidential Permit that would allow the transmission line to cross the Canadian border is the only significant, independent, regulatory body permit left to obtain. The U.S. Department of Energy issues Presidential Permits. Continue reading

WATCH: Group against CMP corridor begins new petition drive

Watch here: PORTLAND (WGME) There was a new petition drive at dozens of polling locations Tuesday, trying to once again stop CMP's controversial transmission line. The group “No CMP Corridor” got approval last week for the referendum effort, when the secretary of state made the petitions available. Volunteers were at 120 polling locations across the state collecting signatures. Continue reading