When in Doubt - leave it out

Free Press Maine is fortunate to have a citizens’ initiative process where we can have a measure of direct democracy. On the ballot this year is an effort by Stop the CMP Corridor to prevent a huge project with few benefits and lots of risk for Mainers. Recently, a similar utility in California, Pacific Gas and Electric, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of dozens of people in the devastating Campfire event of a couple of years ago, and has filed for bankruptcy due claims from the extensive property damage. It was sparked by inadequate attention to maintenance in an extreme fire hazard zone. Continue reading

Judge won’t remove referendum on CMP corridor from November ballot

Press Herald Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren rules that constitutional questions can be raised if the ballot measure to reverse regulatory approval is enacted. A judge declined Monday to remove a referendum on a $1 billion hydropower transmission project from the November ballot, ruling that constitutional questions can be addressed later if the referendum is enacted. Continue reading

Maine Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose CMP Corridor Project According to Recent Poll

CMP Fails to Gain Support Despite Historic Campaign Spending Portland, ME - A recent poll conducted by Beacon Research on behalf of Political Action Committee Mainers For Local Power (MLP) shows that CMP’s proposed corridor project continues to face strong and widespread opposition.  Mainers from across the state who oppose the project – who successfully collected more than 66,000 signatures to place the question before voters in November – hold a 20-point advantage heading into election season. Continue reading

Judge rules anti-corridor question can go to Maine voters despite legal challenge

Bangor Daily A Maine judge dismissed a court challenge to a pending ballot question opposing Central Maine Power’s controversial hydropower corridor proposal on Monday, saying any ruling prior to the question being voted on in November would be preemptive. Continue reading

Judge: Anti-CMP Ballot Initiative Should Go To Voters

Maine Public A Cumberland County Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that a citizens initiative aimed at killing Central Maine Power’s power line project can stay on the November ballot. Continue reading

Statement from Sandi Howard on the dismissal of CMP's latest lawsuit to deny Mainers the vote this November

Statement from Sandi Howard on the dismissal of CMP's latest lawsuit to deny Mainers the vote this November "We want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who volunteered countless hours in the dead of winter to give Mainers a chance to vote on the fate of the CMP corridor issue for the November ballot. It's clear CMP, and their foreign stakeholders, will spare no expense to prevent Mainers from voting. We are disappointed they continue to dump profits made off Maine ratepayers into efforts to strip them of their right to self determination, especially at a time they are increasing rates. This company has shown they value profits over people time and time again, which is why today's decision was so important." 

6/28/20 Newsletter

Friends -- CMP has repeatedly claimed that they own 100 percent of the route along which they would like to place their destructive corridor, but that simply isn’t true. Continue reading

LTE: Sam May: Taking another look at Maine’s energy future

Sun Journal Richard Bennett, former chair of the Maine Republican Party, outlined in the Sun Journal (May 24) the brutal legal offensive unleashed by Central Maine Power and its U.S. parent, Avangrid. Bennett noted CMP “has filed suit against its customers to deny them the right for self-determination in a citizens’ initiative” and that this “is a shocking development in the CMP corridor debate.” Continue reading

LTE: Maria Strickland: Trust Maine people to decide on NECEC

Bangor Daily On all the major networks and online, I have been seeing many advertisements for the transmission line Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power want to run through our state. These political ads seem to be purposely using pretty pictures, psychological tactics and half-truths to try and confuse voters. For example, one features a map of the line stopping in Lewiston. While that is where this new line ends, the reality is that the hydropower would be shipped all the way to Massachusetts just because residents there are willing to pay more for it. These are apparent attempts by Hydro-Quebec and Central Maine Power to mislead voters with slick public relations tactics because they know the CMP corridor is unpopular in Maine. Continue reading