Letter to the editor: Consider impact of pesticides along CMP corridor

Portland Press Herald Yes, the Central Maine Power corridor project will leave an ugly scar across the landscape of Maine. However, the real concern should be the actions that will be taken for decades in the future to keep it open. Brush control will be necessary every few years. The normal and economical way this is done necessitates the aerial spraying of herbicides such as Roundup. Maine hardly needs this addition of chemicals to its groundwater and perhaps also to areas adjacent to the corridor. I am a former member of a U.S. Department of Agriculture/Economic Research Service and Environmental Protection Agency joint task force that analyzed the economic costs and benefit of pesticide use. Oliver Ray Stanton, Ph.D. natural resource economistPortland

A bad deal for Maine

Bangor Daily News Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line is great for them, but bad for Maine. This line will be used to sell hydropower from Hydro-Quebec to the New England energy grid, mainly benefiting Massachusetts, along with CMP, which will make millions of dollars. Maine, on the other hand, will receive little benefit. Continue reading

Send the CMP Corridor Packing! Signature Event

Send the CMP Corridor Packing! Signature Event Our volunteers will be spread throughout the state today to collect signatures for the new referendum petition. If you haven't signed since Nov. 2020, you need to sign this new one to help us reach out goal of bringing it to a statewide vote next year. Click on the link below to find a signature location near you. Don't see one close to you? Email us at stopnecec@gmail.com and we'll connect you with a volunteer or send you a petition! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KxXQfsJaJH8lgELd5neBDeFw4qSm6TNN?usp=sharing

LISTEN: WVOM interview w/ NRCM's Staff Scientist Nick Bennett

Click HERE to learn more about the appeal and requested injunction of the Army Corps permit. WVOM interviews Nick Bennett, a staff scientist at the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

CMP corridor project facing opposition on both sides of the border

Franklin Journal A Maine-based no CMP corridor petition is underway while First Nations voice longstanding grievances with Hydro-Québec. REGION — “This is truly David and Goliath, and we’re David,” said Tom Saviello, lead petitioner against Central Maine Power Company’s proposed corridor project the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC).   Continue reading

Groups File Injunction To Stop CMP From Starting Work On Transmission Project

Maine Public Radio Opponents of Central Maine Power’s proposed power line through Maine’s western woods are trying to halt initial construction scheduled to start next month. Continue reading

CMP corridor opponents ask judge to prevent construction

Portland Press Herald The Appalachian Mountain Club, Natural Resources Council of Maine and Sierra Club Maine have filed a motion for preliminary injunction to prevent work from starting on the corridor in December. Three conservation groups have asked a federal judge to halt Central Maine Power parent company Avangrid’s plans to begin construction in early December on a hydroelectric power transmission line through western Maine. Continue reading


Natural Resources Council of Maine November 12, 2020 (Augusta, ME) — Three conservation groups have asked a federal judge to halt Central Maine Power’s (CMP) premature plans to begin construction on its controversial transmission line. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM), and Sierra Club Maine filed a motion for preliminary injunction to prevent work beginning on the CMP corridor until the court can fully consider a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) for its flawed and inadequate environmental review of the project. Continue reading

Corps OKs Key Part of $1B New England Hydro Power Corridor as Opponents Sue

ENR - Engineering News-Record The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a new environmental review of the $1-billion Central Maine Power New England Clean Energy Connect hydropower transmission corridor in Western Maine on Nov. 4 that its developer says will allow work to begin in December on what will be a 145-mile transmission link to Canadian hydroelectric sources. The approval comes days after three opponent groups filed suit in US districts court, claiming the Corps assessment is not thorough enough. Continue reading

Quebec power company prepares for Round 2 against Maine environmentalists

Foreign Lobby Canadian public utility Hydro-Quebec is getting ready for Round 2 in its fight against Maine environmentalists after surviving an electoral challenge to its proposed $1 billion power line carrying hydropower to New England. Continue reading