CMP corridor opponents seek info gathered during alleged police spying

Press Herald A group has asked Gov. Mills and CMP chairman David Flanagan to release any information that may have been collected about about them by the Maine Information and Analysis Center. Continue reading

LTE: John Nicholas: NECEC not good for Maine

Sun Journal It is disappointing that Tom Rumpf and Lloyd Irland (guest column, May 17) are using a zero-sum approach to promote the New England Clean Energy Connect project in which the environment of the western Maine mountains must be sacrificed in order to save us from greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel energy. Continue reading

LTE: CMP, New England Connect Transmission Corridor or ‘Forest of the Enchanted’

Daily Bulldog You the residents of Maine, will have that decision November 2020. A total of 66,000 residents cared enough to sign a petition to have it placed on the ballot. For the price of a cup of coffee per month on your electric bill this forest will remain untouched. Continue reading

LTE: Time renegotiate on CMP corridor

Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel I fully support and understand that the Central Maine Power/Hydro-Quebec project will provide “clean energy.” However, because the numbers just don’t add up, I can’t support the project. Continue reading

5/17/20 Newsletter

Friend -- We had a great Virtual Town Hall event this past week on Wednesday. Lead signature gatherer, and good friend, Tom Saviello and I gave an update on the status of November’s ballot referendum, and took questions from those of you who were able to attend.  Continue reading

LTE: Patriotism and being uninformed, gun safety during COVID-19, No on NECEC

Wednesday, May 13, 2020: Patriotism and being uninformed, gun safety during COVID-19, No on NECEC Click HERE to read the LTE!

5/10/20 Newsletter

Friend -- I’m so pleased to say this has been a very good week for the cause, as CMP lost their final appeal to block our referendum from the November 2020 ballot. Continue reading

Maine’s highest court gives go-ahead to CMP corridor referendum

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a lower court's ruling to allow the referendum question on the November ballot. BY J. CRAIG ANDERSON STAFF WRITER The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has upheld a lower court’s ruling to allow a referendum question on the November ballot that seeks to overturn prior regulatory approval of a planned Central Maine Power Co. transmission corridor through western Maine. Continue reading

Maine Supreme Court Rules That Anti-CMP Corridor Referendum Signatures Were Valid

By FRED BEVER • MAY 7, 2020 The lawsuit had aimed to stop the people's referendumNO TO NECEC FACEBOOK The state's highest court has ruled that Maine voters will have their say on Central Maine Power's proposed billion-dollar powerline through western Maine in November. Continue reading

Maine’s high court lets anti-CMP corridor question on November ballot

By Caitlin Andrews, BDN Staff • May 7, 2020 2:01 pm A November ballot challenge to Central Maine Power’s proposed $1 billion powerline project is all but assured, as the state’s highest court Thursday affirmed the state’s decision to validate the referendum. Former CMP employee Delbert Reed — represented in part by lawyers for CMP’s political action committee Clean Energy Matters — appealed a Kennebec County Superior Court judge’s decision that Secretary of State Matt Dunlap had acted correctly when he reviewed the signature-gathering process of powerline opponents as they gathered the voter signatures needed to force the referendum. Continue reading