Attention Volunteers: Round 3 Petition Turn-In

ANNOUNCEMENT: STATEWIDE TUESDAY TURN-IN! (Thurs. for Wilton!)It's that time again to get ALL of your signature sheets turned-in so that we can get them to the appropriate town halls. Check-in with your team and your Volunteer Coordinator, get some nice fresh sheets and let's do this! Please spread the word to your canvassing friends and team to make sure that we all turn in EVERY PETITION SHEET this coming week. Predictions on which County team turns in the most signatures?!?! Email us with questions at If you would prefer to mail in your notarized petitions, please send them to: No CMP Corridor, PO Box 471, Farmington, ME 04938

12.13 Newsletter

Dear Friend, This week, Clean Energy Maine, a PAC funded exclusively by Central Maine Power, released a television ad intended to mislead Maine voters about our referendum effort, and distort the facts about their unpopular NECEC project. Their main objective continues to be to spread confusion and fear about our referendum, because they are desperate to keep everyday Mainers like you from voting on their destructive corridor project. As we go into the weekend, please keep in mind that they spent time and resources on the production of this deceptive, self-serving ad while many Mainers were sitting in their cold, dark homes. Mainers across the state were unable to work or attend school due to the widespread power outage. Please use this as motivation to get out there and collect your 35+ signatures for the week.  And to add insult to injury, Dave Flanagan, who returned to CMP with the impossible mission of restoring their tarnished reputation, joined WGAN this week to tout their great “success” in restoring power while 80,000 customers remained without power. By his own admission, some of their customers faced a 5-7 day power outage, yet he wanted Mainers to know that CMP was on their A game.  Also this week, a new report showed that, because CMP’s foreign stakeholders continue to prioritize profits over service, Maine earned the dubious distinction of having the most frequent and extended power outages in the country, with the average outage lasting 40 hours.  CMP’s inability to serve their existing customers, being the least reliable and lowest rated power utility in the country is a problem. So perhaps, rather than spending tens of millions of dollars on a PR campaign in support of a project nobody wants, they should focus on improving reliability and customer service to the customers they already serve right here in Maine. Continue reading

LTE: Backers haven’t shown that NECEC will affect carbon emissions

Portland Press Herald A recent letter, “NECEC will help reduce impacts of climate change in Maine” (Dec. 9), completely missed the mark. For example, the very first sentence references your Dec. 6 editorial about a recent climate report put out by the Mills administration as an example of why New England Clean Energy Connect is “needed.” This is highly misleading, considering the climate report doesn’t mention CMP’s unpopular project a single time. There’s a good reason that all of Maine’s leading environmental groups – Natural Resources Council of Maine, Sierra Club and Forest Ecology Network – agree that NECEC is a deeply flawed project that would cause irreparable harm to Maine’s undeveloped wilderness. Continue reading

Top five U.S. states with the longest power outages

Cummins Newsroom Most Americans have lost their power at one point or another. Here are the top-five states with the longest average power outages, and a few power outage preparedness tips for you and your family.  After a long day at the office, many Americans relax by watching TV… watching over 2.5 hours of TV to be exact 1. But imagine coming home to no power. How would you spend your free time?  Being without power is a very real possibly for most Americans. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Annual Electric Power Industry Report, every state in the U.S. experienced a power outage in 2017. While the average U.S. power outage lasts over seven hours, residents of the following five states experienced power outages lasting at least twice that long: The average duration of a power outage in the U.S. was seven-plus hours according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration Maine: Maine led the nation in length and frequency of power outages 2, with average power outage lasting 40 hours. While severe weather, winter storms in Maine’s case, was the leading cause of these outages, the slower than expected pace of the local utility company to restore service caused a public outcry.  Continue reading

While CMP profits, critics say cost of widespread outages will be borne by ratepayers

Maine Beacon The first major snowstorm of the season hit Maine over the weekend and 230,000 customers of Central Maine Power (CMP) lost electricity. The storm will also cost consumers in the long-run, advocates say, due to a financial incentive structure that rewards CMP more for fixing storm-damaged infrastructure than engaging in preventative maintenance. Customers will likely pay for much of the financial burden created by the storm because CMP is allowed to recoup the cost of a weather event — such as the one over the weekend — from its ratepayers, explained former Maine Public Advocate Gordon Weil.    “It’s essentially a pass-through,” he said. “If you have unusually high operating expenses, which are caused by an event out of your control — CMP didn’t cause the storm — then you are entitled to collect from your customers the costs that were incurred to restore service on the system.”  Weil said CMP has done a poor job maintaining its infrastructure to be resistant to storms. Continue reading

LTE: Help gather signatures to give Mainers a say on CMP corridor

Portland Press Herald For more than a month now, No CMP Corridor and our grassroots volunteers have been hard at work, collecting petition signatures in communities all across the state to finally give the people of Maine the right to vote on Central Maine Power’s unpopular New England Clean Energy Connect corridor project. We’ve been collecting signatures primarily outdoors, following all COVID safety guidelines, at markets, in parking lots and in other public spaces. But as you can imagine, the current times pose some unique challenges, both for our volunteers and our supporters. Continue reading

LTE: No CMP Corridor referendum

Boothbay Register Dear Editor: The CMP project advertised under the Clean Maine has not yet been approved for construction. There is a new referendum initiative to bring the CMP corridor to a vote by Maine citizens and I am volunteering by collecting signatures of Maine residents to make the referendum available. The referendum will hopefully make CMP’s plans more transparent to voters who so far have only CMP’s ads to judge. I will be at the Boothbay Transfer Station on Saturdays to collect signatures. Look for a white pickup truck with the NO CMP Corridor logo. Please sign to make this citizens’ vote possible. This project appears to me to be of little economic benefit to Maine and the environmental damage alone should make us all reluctant to support CMP. Stephen Cook East Boothbay

LTE: CMP should upgrade poles, lines instead of building corridor

Portland Press Herald The power going out should be an exception to the rule, not the rule. When are the Public Utilities Commission or our elected representatives going to take Central Maine Power to task for their lackluster service? Instead of building a corridor that most Mainers don’t want and will mainly benefit Massachusetts, I have an idea: Prior to building the corridor, CMP should have to use stronger power poles and heavier wire to prevent these constant outages every time the wind blows. Continue reading

Some CMP customers may be without power until Wednesday

Bangor Daily News Calling Saturday’s nor’easter “one of the biggest storms in terms of damage this century,” the head of Central Maine Power Co. said Monday that customers in the hardest-hit areas of the state may be without power until Wednesday. Continue reading

12.6 Newsletter

Dear friend, We have some great news! CMP had originally planned to begin clearing trees (by the Wisconsin company they contracted with to clear the corridor), but the start date has again been delayed. As we told the media, to begin construction before all permits are in hand and the people of Maine have had a chance to vote on our referendum would be premature and callous. Continue reading