Howard LTE: Establish rules to ensure Maine Constitution is upheld

Daily Bulldog Regardless of your stance on the CMP corridor, it’s important to note that there are ongoing inconsistencies on assessing change of use on Maine public lands. Public lands belong to the people of Maine. Mainers need to be able to rely on transparent processes, predictable measurements, and that the Maine Constitution is being followed by state government leaders and agencies. The Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee is reviewing two bills intended to better protect public lands. LD 471: An Act To Require Legislative Approval for Certain Leases of Public Lands would ensure proper oversight of use for public lands. LD 1075 An Act to Protect Public Lands would require the Bureau of Parks and Lands to develop a process and specified rules to determine if a project meets “substantially altered” criteria for public lands. Continue reading

4.4.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends, On Thursday, the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee held a public hearing for Senator Rick Bennett’s Bill, An Act To Protect Public Lands. This bill was brought forward out of necessity to ensure that for future deals involving Maine’s public lands that would significantly reduce or alter the land, the Maine Constitution is upheld.  I was proud to be joined by so many dedicated and passionate volunteers in testifying in support of this important bill. Nobody testified in opposition. If you weren’t able to attend the public hearing (or you couldn’t hang around for the 6.5 hours on a Thursday), the recording can be found here, and the written testimony is available here. Our bill was last on the agenda, so be sure to fast forward until you see Senator Bennett presenting to the ACF Committee at marker 4:14:22. Continue reading

Fischer LTE: Letter to the Editor: Property owners don’t want CMP to build near their back yard

Portland Press Herald The piece of land we call home is truly magical. We have watched life unfold here before our eyes. One day old fawns, learning how to run with their moms. Canadian geese bringing their babies to the pond to learn how to swim, in 24 hours they are off on their life’s adventure. It is truly inspiring to watch mother nature at her finest. We feel our role in this is to be good stewards to the land and wildlife. To protect all that it has to offer without interference from man. But unfortunately, on the other side of the hill behind our house is where CMP’s substation for their corridor project will go. Continue reading

Pelletier LTE: Support LD 471, oppose energy corridor

Lewiston Sun Journal Central Maine Power is planning to build a energy transmission corridor through 53 miles of undeveloped forests in northern Maine, and the company is are calling it a “Clean Energy Corridor.” This is far from the truth. The corridor will threaten wildlife and ecosystems, and it doesn’t create any new renewable energy. CMP is in partnership with Hydro-Quebec on this project, and its construction is completely for-profit — it will generate billions for corporations, disrupt necessary climate action, and leave very little for the state of Maine. Continue reading

Bill Would Require State To Reevaluate Rules Around Leasing Public Lands In Maine

Maine Public Radio The Maine Legislature is considering a measure that would require the state Bureau of Parks and Lands to develop rules around the leasing of public lands. The bill was prompted by a court ruling affecting Central Maine Power’s controversial transmission line project through western Maine. Continue reading

Wood LTE: Who do you trust?

Lewiston Sun Journal In the March 26 edition of the Franklin Journal, Serge Abergel wrote a letter to the editor called “Opinions should be based on facts, science and honest conversation.” In it, he cited  “studies” and pretended to be an unbiased proponent of “clean energy.” This is a very interesting letter, from the Director of Communications, Hydro Quebec. Hydro Quebec, who stands to make BILLIONS from this deal, yet refused to testify under any sort of oath during the permitting process. Hydro Quebec, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Province of Quebec, who has spent upwards of 10 million on direct advertising to lobby against a citizens initiative put forth by the people of Maine. Continue reading

Hufnagle LTE: Don’t route Maine projects without Maine public’s input

One of the things that I most love about the state of Maine is its beautiful forests. I love to go hiking and cross-country skiing in these forests – the same forests that the Central Maine Power corridor would cut through. The loss of this pristine land would be devastating for me and many other Mainers. Continue reading

Groups say Maine lawmakers should approve leases of public lands

Portland Press Herald As controversy swirls around the proposed CMP corridor, bills are being considered that would require legislative approval for projects on public lands. Maine lawmakers should have a greater say in the uses of leased public land, speakers told a legislative committee Thursday during a public hearing on a bill to establish how that would happen. Continue reading

LISTEN: WVOM interview w/ Saviello & O'Neil

WVOM-FM Click HERE to listen. Learn more about the Agricultural, Conservation, and Forestry Committee's concern with the CMP corridor lease of public lands.

Big Spending on the CMP Corridor and Bills to Keep It from Happening Again

The Free Press Natural Resources Council of Maine recently cataloged the spending by Hydro-Québec to defeat a November ballot measure that could block the controversial Central Maine Power transmission corridor project. Continue reading