Public Comments Open On Wording For Ballot Question Challenging CMP Transmission Project

Maine Public Radio The state has opened public comments on the wording of a ballot question aimed at challenging Central Maine Power's controversial transmission project underway in western Maine. Continue reading

In Debate Over Foreign Influence On Maine Politics, Echoes Of Citizens United's Corporate Speech Decision

Maine Public Radio For the past month Maine lawmakers have been considering a slate of bills that could sideline Hydro-Quebec from an upcoming referendum on Central Maine Power's highly controversial transmission project. The legislation centers on whether a company wholly owned by the Quebec provincial government should be allowed to spend money to influence Maine voters in the campaign. But the debate is actually bigger than that, and it has drawn the attention of national groups seeking to beat back the tidal wave of corporate election spending that was unleashed by the U.S. Supreme Court's decade-old Citizens United decision. Continue reading

Howard LTE: Public lands belong to the people of Maine

Daily Bulldog As a teacher, I understand the value of establishing clear assessment criteria to measure a college student’s competency as they prepare for teacher certification. As a Registered Maine Guide, I understand the need to demonstrate skills to ensure safety of my clients while whitewater rafting or on recreation trips in the wilderness. What I don’t understand is why Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands does not have a process or specified rules to determine if a project meets “substantially altered” criteria. Continue reading

In rebuttal: John Nicholas: Ads correct about corridor’s forest impact

Lewiston Sun Journal Ads about the clean energy corridor’s forest impact are correct. Since there are minimal benefits for Maine from the New England Clean Energy Connect project, supporters have resorted to incorrect, disparaging descriptions of the forest around the proposed transmission line corridor in Segment 1 from the Canadian border to the Kennebec Gorge. A recent letter to the editor (David Griswold, “Ads about corridor’s forest impact untrue,” April 10) claimed, incorrectly, that there are many woods roads that are “wider than the 50-foot right-of-way for the power line.” Continue reading

Lee LTE: Vote YES this November to reject the CMP Corridor

The Irregular Hydro-Quebec has certainly stepped up their game lately, with advertisements flooding our lives and letters from their employees showing up in Maine papers touting the “benefits” of their unpopular CMP Corridor project. Considering the fact that HQ stands to make $12.4 billion off of this contract with Massachusetts, I would urge my fellow Mainers to take their claims with a grain of salt, or in accordance with their ads, with a drop of rain. Continue reading

Energy companies pour more than $7M into CMP corridor fight in first 3 months of 2021

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — A dueling set of energy companies spent another $7 million in the fight over the Central Maine Power corridor in the first three months of 2021 as a referendum on the transmission line is likely to go to voters this November. The new flush of money follows more than $19 million in political spending around the corridor in 2020, when a ballot question aiming to rescind its permit was declared unconstitutional. Secretary of State Shenna Bellows’ Office announced in February that opponents of the 145-mile transmission line secured enough signatures for another ballot question this year. Continue reading

Comment period opens for power line referendum question

Kennebec Journal Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows will be accepting public comments regarding the question’s form and content until May 13. The wording for a controversial referendum question championed by opponents of Central Maine’s Power’s transmission line project in western Maine has been released for public review by the secretary of state. Continue reading

Millions pour in to groups fighting, supporting western Maine power line

Portland Press Herald AUGUSTA — Money is pouring into the campaign battle over a $1 billion hydropower transmission project in western Maine, and project supporters outspent opponents more than 2 to 1 in the latest reporting period. Continue reading

Howard LTE: Foreign influence in elections

Bangor Daily News State and federal law prohibit foreign interference in elections, however Hydro-Quebec has exploited a loophole in Maine with an aggressive media campaign to promote Central Maine Power’s unpopular NECEC corridor project. This sort of foreign interference is illegal in Canada. Continue reading

Maine lawmakers move to defund secretive police intelligence agency

Maine Beacon A bipartisan group of lawmakers have launched a legislative effort to defund a state anti-terrorism agency, the Maine Information Analysis Center (MIAC), which came under scrutiny last year for closely monitoring political campaigns and peaceful protests and for distributing intel to its corporate partners. Continue reading