LTE: A propaganda campaign

Daily Bulldog Are you okay with Hydro-Quebec throwing record sums of money behind a political action committee to influence an election in Maine? Considering the fact that they’re owned by the government, and the people of Quebec have a vested interest in the outcome of the upcoming referendum, I sure am not! Continue reading

LTE: Yes this November

Daily Bulldog Hydro-Quebec is a Crown Corporation owned exclusively by the Province of Quebec. Hydro-Quebec stands to make $12.4 billion in profits off of the CMP Corridor by rerouting power they already sell to the Northeast on existing power lines, and charging Massachusetts more for it. Hydro-Quebec will return much of their profit off this project to their government, directly benefiting their residents while Mainers see only pennies. Continue reading

Maine Supreme Judicial Court hears arguments about the role of ballot referenda in overturning state administrative agency decisions

Ballotpedia News On August 5, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court heard oral arguments in a case about whether voters may use the ballot referendum process to reverse actions taken by a state administrative agency. At issue is a ballot referendum set to appear on the November 2020 ballot that would overturn a state agency decision giving a power company permission to build a high-voltage power line. Continue reading

Maine Voices: Power line would disrupt commercial forest

Press Herald Imported Canadian hydropower would crowd out biomass generation, hurting the state's forest economy. Some have suggested the proposed project to build CMP’s New England Clean Energy Connect would be good for Maine’s forests. As a small woodlot owner and winner of multiple forest management awards, I say that is far from the truth because they ignored what biomass management does to improve the forest. Simply stated, the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) would damage Maine’s forests by harming the biomass sector. Let me explain. Continue reading

LTE: Vote ‘YES’ to protected Maine environment

Daily Bulldog Maine is a beautiful state full of many great people and natural wonders. We all know and recognize that. However, two foreign corporations continue to fail to recognize that. Central Maine Power Company, the most disliked public utility in the country, is one of those corporations, and it is attempting to construct a new electrical transmission line to deliver power to Massachusetts, and doing so will put all of Maine’s iconic wilderness at risk. Continue reading

8.9 Newsletter

Friends -- Last week, I told you about how a bipartisan group of legislators, both past and present, banded together to send a letter to Hydro-Quebec, requesting that they stop exploiting a loophole in Maine’s election law to funnel millions into a flashy PR campaign to sway Maine voters. Well, Hydro-Quebec has responded with a promise to continue pumping as much money as it takes into this race to greenwash CMP’s terrible project with ongoing “information efforts.” As a reminder, Hydro-Quebec, solely owned by the Canadian government, stands to make $12.4 billion in profit, and they’ve already spent more than $6 million on an aggressive ad campaign against our effort. Continue reading

LTE: Kevin Flanagan: The DO – RE – ME

Daily Bulldog Maine people should carefully consider the CMP Western Maine power line heading for Massachusetts residents. This Power line once installed will create a vast scar on the land throughout our most remote and wild places. Places tourist love to come to hike, swim, raft and just enjoy our brand, “The Maine Brand.” Continue reading

CMP line wouldn’t help climate change

Morning Sentinel The column by Nick Bennett characterizing Central Maine Power’s plan to place a power line through one of the last wild places in Maine as a shell game was spot on (“Don’t fall for CMP, Hydro-Quebec climate change claims,” June 30). That line will benefit only Hydro-Quebec, rewarding them for destroying thousands of acres of land in Quebec and harming the indigenous people who lived on them and Iberdrola , the Spanish company that owns Central Maine Power. Continue reading

August 5 - No CMP Corridor Webinar

The Way Forward Webinar Series Watch this webinar. Canadian hydro electricity contributes to the cultural genocide of indigenous people. Panel discussion moderated by Lisa Savage with Dawn Neptune Adams, John Gonzales, and Jonathan Carter.

NECEC: Still a bad deal

Bangor Daily News The New England Clean Energy Connect remains a bad deal for Maine. Don’t be fooled by the recent, disingenuous arrangement between Hydro-Quebec and Gov. Janet Mills regarding excess hydropower and the NECEC project. Continue reading