Natural Resources Council CEO: State agencies failed Maine on CMP corridor

Portland Press Herald The PUC’s and DEP’s approval did not address the irreversible harm the project would cause or prove its climate benefits. In their Aug. 18 op-ed (“Commentary: Anti-referendum ruling won’t end baseless anti-corridor arguments”), Richard Barringer and Ellen Pope attacked the Natural Resources Council of Maine for our opposition to the Central Maine Power corridor with a vehemence surprising for them, yet akin to language used by CMP in its ruthless effort to build a project that the majority of Maine people oppose. Continue reading

Politics & Other Mistakes: An offer you can’t refuse

Daily Bulldog Want to fix the evil entity known as Central Maine Power? Unfortunately, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court has made sure that can’t be done by referendum. Gov. Janet Mills still seems to be sucking up to the state’s largest electric utility. The Legislature lacks the votes to pass a law replacing CMP with a public power authority. And we probably don’t have the up-front cash needed to accomplish that, anyway. But there’s another approach that’s guaranteed to improve the way that company does business. Continue reading

Maine voters can’t kill the CMP corridor. Here’s how opponents will still try to.

Bangor Daily News Hours after Maine’s high court struck down a referendum aiming to kill Central Maine Power’s proposed corridor project earlier this month, a legislative critic issued a statement saying they “may not be able to stop this corridor,” but they could stop similar ones in the future. Continue reading

8.23 Newsletter

Friend -- We may have lost a battle last week, but the war is far from over. The referendum was always viewed as one of many possible avenues to stop CMP. That door may be closed for now, but many remain open.   Continue reading

LTE: On Wilton’s transmission line ordinance

Daily Bulldog This week the town of Wilton passed a new ordinance to protect our natural resources from major transmission line projects like CMP’s NECEC corridor. At the meeting, CMP’s fancy lawyer requested to speak, and my fellow citizens joined together to block her. We have heard more than enough from this foreign corporation. Continue reading

Corridor question will still have an impact

Morning Sentinel Maine’s highest court has said there won’t be a referendum on a transmission line this year, which is good news for some candidates. Continue reading

WATCH: The CMP Corridor: Bad for Maine's Forest and Wildlife

The Natural Resources Council of Maine recently held this informational webinar: The CMP Corridor: Bad for Maine's Forest and Wildlife. Click HERE to watch the webinar. Continue reading

LTE: Maine Supreme Court decision and thoughts on process

Daily Bulldog In light of the recent Maine Supreme Court decision regarding the unconstitutionality of the referendum on the NECEC, I have a few comments about this entire process. Continue reading

LISTEN: WVOM interview with Sandi Howard

In case you missed it, listen here to learn more about the many ways we can still push back against the CMP corridor. Click here: WVOM Radio

George Smith: Dams are not ‘clean energy’

Morning Sentinel If you believe Hydro-Quebec’s dams will send clean energy through Maine to Massachusetts, you must read the book “Blue Deserts” by Stephen Kasprzak. When you do, you’ll know just how destructive these dams are. Continue reading