CMP corridor opponents launch 2nd referendum bid aimed at killing the project

Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — Opponents of Central Maine Power’s proposed corridor launched a second referendum bid on Wednesday intended to pressure lawmakers to overturn the $1 billion project, but it could face issues similar to an initial bid struck from the 2020 ballot. Continue reading

Both sides agree: CMP Corridor a bad deal

The Ellsworth American Dear Editor: Rep. Grohoski’s opinion piece about the CMP Corridor was recently criticized by Mr. Tim Plouff of Otis. I would like to rebut a few of his statements. First, CMP’s corridor project is one of the most unifying issues of our time. Opposition is highly bipartisan, with lawmakers and everyday citizens from all across the political spectrum represented. Take, for example, the fact that Rep. Grohoski is a Democrat and I’m a Republican. Some oppose it because they are concerned about environmental implications and others because of the economic implications, but together, all opponents agree that CMP’s corridor is a bad deal for Maine. Continue reading

CMP, Avangrid spent dark money to drum up support for controversial power corridor on top of record-breaking $11.3M public campaign

The Maine Monitor Central Maine Power Co. and its parent company funneled thousands of dollars through the Maine State Chamber of Commerce to tout a construction plan to bring Canadian hydropower to Massachusetts through western Maine — a project that’s expected to earn the utility $1.95 billion over the next 20 years. Continue reading

9.13 Newsletter

Hello Friend, This week, author and conservationist Stephen Kasprzak published a fantastic piece in the Lewiston Sun Journal that really highlighted the need for the Army Corp. of Engineers (the Corp) to really kick the tires and look under the hood before issuing a permit for their supposed “clean” energy corridor with CMP. Before this project, I have to admit that I knew very little about the extensive damage that large scale dams and impoundments, like the ones built by Hydro-Quebec, have on our environment and the people who have to live with them. The more I’ve learned on this topic, over the course of our 2-year-long campaign to stop this terrible project, the more I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing “clean” about them. They are devastating for the local people and ecosystems, and they contribute to the warming of our oceans and atmosphere.   Continue reading

Environmental impact study needed for Hydro-Quebec’s reservoir dams

Lewiston Sun Journal Maine’s media remains saturated by conflicting opinions regarding the recent Maine Supreme Court decision removing the November ballot referendum for Central Maine Power’s billion-dollar New England Clean Energy Connect in partnership with Hydro-Quebec. The utilities spent $16 million on media propaganda, describing this as a “green energy” project. Not so. Continue reading

9.6 Newsletter

Hello friends, Last week the Maine Sunday Telegram published my response to columnist Jim Fossel’s misguided column, and the title says it all: “Opponents Haven’t Given Up on Stopping CMP Corridor.” Indeed, we have not given up. If anything, the court’s decision to silence the voices of 66,000 plus Mainers has only fueled us more. That’s why Fossel’s assumption that elected leaders are less likely to be asked about CMP’s wildly unpopular corridor project on a day-to-day basis is just plain wrong, and it ignores the fact that Mainers are completely outraged that decisions made about this destructive project have often sided with foreign corporations over the citizens of Maine. The referendum was always viewed as one of many possible avenues to stop the CMP corridor. We will continue to pursue every other avenue, and absent a referendum, it’s more critical than ever that we support candidates who promise to give more weight to the voice of the people of Maine than CMP’s shareholders in Spain.    Continue reading

LTE: Ackley fought hard against CMP

Morning Sentinel As a volunteer who dedicated countless hours last winter to collecting signatures to stop Central Maine Power's destructive corridor project, I greatly appreciate the work of my state representative, Kent Ackley, to stop Hydro-Quebec, a company owned by a foreign government, from meddling in our election. Continue reading

Local legislators strongly oppose CMP project

Knox Village Soup April 2019 AUGUSTA — Midcoast legislators have come out strongly against a proposal by Central Maine Power to build a transmission line in western Maine that would send electricity from Canada to Massachusetts. Continue reading

Anti-Corridor Viewpoint

Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Editor's note: About a year ago, the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine polled its members on the CMP Powerline Project and they strongly opposed the project. In the July/August sure of the SAM News we presented an article supporting the CMP project. In this edition, we are presenting an article in opposition to this controversial project. We strive to inform our members about all sides of this issue. Continue reading

LTE: Thank you, Paul Davis

Eastern Gazette To the Editor: Now that the courts have taken away our right to vote on Spain-owned CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola's unpopular NECEC corridor to provide electricity to Massachusetts' ratepayers, our partners in the Legislature are more important that ever before. Continue reading