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CMP FALSE CLAIM: The CMP Corridor will create $1 billion in jobs, taxes and other benefits to Maine by 2027.


TRUTH: Any benefits to Maine’s economy that the CMP Corridor will bring will be offset by dramatic harms on it.

  • Countless jobs in the biomass industry and related forest products industries would be put in jeopardy.
  • Tourism is the number one industry in Maine, and this corridor will jeopardize those jobs.
  • This corridor would jeopardize Maine’s renewable energy sector, which could lose hundreds of millions of dollars over the next fifteen years as a direct result of this project.
  • Maine-based renewable energy businesses provide hundreds of good jobs for Mainers, while limiting our reliance on foreign energy sources.



CMP FALSE CLAIM: Three to four million metric ton reduction in regional CO2 emissions


TRUTH: The CMP Corridor will significantly HARM Maine’s environment. That’s why no environmental organization in Maine supports this corridor.

  • A 53 mile corridor the width of the New Jersey Turnpike would cut through western Maine, crossing some of the country's last native brook trout habitat, fragile wetlands, deer yards and ruining pristine scenic views.
  • Maine's most prominent environmental groups agree that this project will cause irreparable damage to Maine's wilderness.
  • Even the Massachusetts attorney general agrees this project will not reduce carbon emissions.
  • The CMP Corridor does NOT meet the definition of renewable power because it’s not new power generated.
  • CMP’s Canadian partner in this project is Hydro-Quebec, whose vast system of reservoirs and dams cause the release of CO2 and methane on an ongoing basis. Yet it claims with no supporting documentation that its power is “zero emissions”. Clearly, it is not.



CMP FALSE CLAIM: $140 million for consumer rate relief


TRUTH: The CMP Corridor has offered ratepayers the equivalent of 37 cents per month while they profit to the tune of $5 million per month.

  • Corridor will not result in lower power bills for Maine ratepayers.



CMP FALSE CLAIM: The Maine Public Utilities Commission says the project will deliver significant economic, environmental and reliability benefits for the people of Maine.


TRUTH: Mainers do NOT want the CMP Corridor and have said so explicitely.

  • Polls show nearly three-quarters of Mainers think the project is a bad deal.
  • 25 towns rescinded support or opposed the project.
  • When the DEP collected public comments for the corridor, 2,283 people submitted a comment in opposition. 11 submitted a comment in support.
  • More than 1,300 Mainers also submitted statements in opposition to the Public Utilities Commission. 28 submitted statements in support.
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