Help us stop the CMP Corridor


Mainers don’t benefit from CMP’s destructive transmission corridor project, and we have made it clear every step of the way that we don’t want it, but our voices haven’t been heard by bureaucrats in Augusta. That’s why a group of concerned citizens banded together to form No CMP Corridor. We are a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization with a simple goal: collect enough signatures to give the power back to the ratepayers with a citizens’ referendum.  

Make no mistake about it, this will be no easy feat. The odds are stacked against us and we are up against the clock, but this mission is too important to fail. Together, we can show that while CMP has all the resources in the world, we have passion, drive and determination to stand toe-to-toe with Goliath. 

We cannot stand idly by while a large, untrustworthy corporation degrades our best resources for their exclusive financial gain. We are more than an extension cord for Massachusetts

The bottom line is that CMP has proven to be an untrustworthy foreign corporation that cuts corners and they have failed to reliably deliver power right here in Maine. While two state agencies investigate their shady billing practices, they are asking for our trust. But we know better.

This is a bad deal for Maine!

We hope you will join us to make this referendum a reality.

Sandi Howard and Tom Saviello