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Mainers don’t benefit from CMP’s destructive transmission corridor project, and they have made it clear every step of the way that they don’t want it, but their voices haven’t been heard by bureaucrats in Augusta. That’s why a group of concerned citizens banded together to form No CMP Corridor. We are a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization with a simple goal: give the people of Maine a voice through a citizens’ referendum.

Nobody thought we, everyday citizens, could go toe-to-toe with CMP and their foreign investors. But against all odds (and in the dead of winter), we collected more than enough signatures to bring this issue to a statewide vote in November of 2020.

Then the highest judicial Court of Maine sided with CMP and ruled our 2020 referendum unconstitutional, effectively silencing Mainers' voice in the matter.

While we had lost the battle, we knew the war was far from over. So we filed another referendum and are now gathering signatures to get on the ballot in 2021. Our new referendum is worded in a way that, we are confident, completely constitutional and allow Mainers to express their choice about this project. To read more about our new initiative, click here.

We will not stand idly by while a large, untrustworthy corporation degrades our best resources for their exclusive financial gain. We are more than an extension cord for Massachusetts.

The bottom line is that CMP has failed to reliably deliver power right here in Maine, and their constant drive to put profits ahead of ratepayers has resulted in poor customer service, multiple state investigations and their dubious reputation as the lowest rated power utility company in the nation.

So while they spend record sums of money on fancy ad campaigns to deceive the voters, we will continue to fight them every step of the way. CMP cannot be trusted, and we will not allow them to permanently alter our way of life to make millions of dollars off the backs of rural Mainers.

This is a bad deal for Maine! We hope you will join us in putting an end to this destructive project once and for all.

- Sandi Howard, No CMP Corridor

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